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Mark Jack
Parker County ESD No. 1

Vice President
James Kelly
Montgomery County ESD No. 8

Bob Janusaitis
Harris County ESD No. 9

Scott Morgan
Harris County ESD No. 29


Paula Barr
Travis County ESD No. 6

Jim Carter
Denton County ESD No. 1

Christopher Cavazos
Bexar County ESD No. 6

Paul Graf
Comal County ESD No. 4

Ruth Hime
Southwest Leon County ESD No. 2

Randy Melton
Smith County ESD No. 2

Thomas Nanninga
Williamson County ESD No. 2

Billy Ted Smith
Jasper County ESD No. 1

Cliff Avery
Executive Director (nonvoting)

Clay Avery
Asst. Executive Director (nonvoting)

June 3 webcast wraps up
Regular Session 

Texas Capitol
The 86th Legislature Regular Session ends
May 27.   
Join SAFE-D and Legislative Counsel John Carlton for a special SAFE-D webcast to see where ESDs stand as the dust settles.
The webcast is scheduled at 6:30pm Monday, June 3.
Cost is only $35 for representatives of SAFE-D member organizations; $55 for nonmembers.
SAFE-D has applied to Texas A&M's V.G. Young Institute of County Government for one hour of ESD Commissioner Training Credit.
As always, you'll be able to text, phone, email or fax in questions.   
Please make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer.  You can download this free from here: 

UPDATE: Conference Committee Named for SB2

SAFE-D is continuing to press lawmakers to exempt all Emergency Services Districts from the rigid requirements of Senate Bill 2.

After passing the House with amendments (but not the amendments ESDs needed to assure reliable protection for their citizens), a conference committee has been named:

From the Senate: Hancock (chair), Bettencourt, Creighton, Hinojosa, Perry.

From the House: Burrows, Canales, Guillen, Murphy, Noble,


Before passage, the Texas House turned aside efforts to restore ESD exemptions from previously approved property tax legislation.

Click below to see the ultimately unsuccessful debate on Rep. Gina Calanni's Amendment that would have helped ESDs.

SAFE-D expresses its thanks to these House members who voted to support ESDs and the first-responders associated with them:

Allen; Anchia; Beckley; Bernal; Bowers; Bucy; Calanni; Canales;Cole; Coleman; Collier; Cortez; Cyrier; Davis, Y.; Deshotel; Dominguez; Farrar;Gervin-Hawkins; Gonzá́lez, J.; Gonzá́lez, M.; Goodwin; Guillen; Gutierrez;Harless; Hernandez; Herrero; Hinojosa; Howard; Huberty; Israel; Johnson, E.;Johnson, J.E.; King, T.; Lopez; Lucio; Martinez; Martinez Fischer; Minjarez; Moody; Morales; Neave; Nevárez; Ortega; Pacheco; Perez; Ramos; Reynolds;Rodriguez; Romero; Rose; Rosenthal; Sherman; Stephenson; Talarico; Turner,C.; Turner, J.; Vo; Wu; Zwiener.

Just in time for wildfire season:

PBS explores scientists' effort to predict wildfire movement.

Happy 75th Birthday to Smokey the Bear

Click the image to see a 1950s film about how Smokey became Smokey
(featuring Hopalong Cassidy!)


SAFE-D 18th Annual Conference

ESD Commissioners from across Texas pack the Exhibit Hall at SAFE-D's 2019 Annual Conference in Frisco.

The SAFE-D Board of Directors has approved
the platform for the 86th Legisltature.
Click here for a PDF copy.

SAFE-D's ESD Handbook

The first update of the old Texas Dept. of Rural Affairs manual since 2011. It's an important reference book for everyone involved with ESDs. Download a PDF for FREE by clicking here.

SAFE-D Online Education Opportunity

Join ESDs around the state in timely, practical online education through SAFE-D, in partnership with the V.G. Young Institute of County Government.

Click here for information on how to enroll for the course.

Click here for the link to the course (IMPORTANT: be sure to read the above information page that explains how to enroll for the course)

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