SAFE-D Leadership

Mark Jack
Parker County ESD No. 1

Vice President
James Kelly
Montgomery County ESD No. 8

Bob Janusaitis
Harris County ESD No. 9

Paula Barr
Travis County ESD No. 6

Immediate Past President
Scott Morgan

Harris County ESD No. 29


Jim Carter
Denton County ESD No. 1

Christopher Cavazos
Bexar County ESD No. 6

Paul Graf
Comal County ESD No. 4

Ruth Hime
Southwest Leon County ESD No. 2

Randy Melton
Smith County ESD No. 2

Thomas Nanninga
Williamson County ESD No. 2

Billy Ted Smith
Jasper County ESD No. 1

Cliff Avery
Executive Director (nonvoting)

Clay Avery
Asst. Executive Director (nonvoting)

This information is important for your ESD, but we regret that ESD Commissioner training credit is only available for live webcasts.

Truth-in-Taxation Videos

Click here for the comptroller's Truth-in-Taxation Video library (Replaces printed manual discontinued after 2013 tax year.)

Last Monday Webcast Archives

RESPONDER MENTAL HEALTH (Dec. 3, 2018) - Dr. Suzy Bird Gulliver and Dr. Elizabeth Coe of BaylorScott&White's Warriors Research Institute discuss their important project to provide mental health therapy to firefighters and emergency responders thorugh electronic media. Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint. Click here for a flyer that can be posted at your fire station.

ISO RATINGS (Oct. 29, 2018) - Phillip Bradley of ISO discusses factors that play into a fire department's evaluation, which can eventually affect property insurance premiums for Texas emergency services districts.

MOBILE INTEGRATED HEALTHCARE/COMMUNITY PARAMEDICINE (August 2018) - Representatives from two Comal County emergency services districts discuss a money-saving pilot project that inserted a paramedic into homes BEFORE the 9-1-1 call. Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint.

RESPECT IN THE WORKPLACE (March 2018)– Attorney Judy Osborne discusses issues, such as sexual harrasment, that can affect an organization's effectiveness. Click here for a PDF of her PowerPoint.

SUCCESSFUL ESD ELECTIONS (Dec. 11, 2017) SAFE-D discusses best practices when an ESD calls an election. Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint. Click here for a PDF of a Texas Ethics Commission handout on illegal electioneering by local political subdivisions.

MUNICIPAL ANNEXATION: (Nov. 27, 2017) After changes during a special session of the State Legislature, SAFE-D examines the evolving requirements of municiipal annexation in Texas. Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint.

TRUTH-IN-TAXATION: (Feb. 27, 2017) Representatives of Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson discuss the steps that local governments must go through to set their tax rate (as of Feb. 2017). Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint

85th LEGISLATURE PREVIEW: (Dec. 12, 2016) SAFE-D Legislative Counsel John Carlton (The Carlton Law Firm, PLLC) discusses issues facing the next Texas Legislature, which convenes Jan. 10, 2017. Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint.

MANAGING FLEET REPLACEMENT SCHEDULES: (Oct. 24, 2016) Chief Robert Abbott (Travis County ESD No. 6) discusses reasons, uses and techniques for developing a Mixed Used Fleet Replacement Schedule to maximize apparatus life and minimize taxpayer expense for emergency vehicles. Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint.

INFECTION CONTROL OFFICER: (Sept. 26, 2016) State Dept. of Health Services officials discuss statutory requirements that emergency services organizations appoint an infection control officer to reduce the risk of illness and injury. Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint.

TRAPS FOR THE UNWARY PUBLIC OFFICIAL: (June 7, 2016) Former Asst. Atty. Gen. Zindia Thomas discusses ethical issues that can get ESD commissioners into trouble if they're not careful. Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint.

EMERGING ISSUES: SAFE-D and Attorney Howard Katz discuss new challenges facing Texas emergency services districts from newly implemented legislation on open-carry firearms and vendor transparency. April 25, 2016 wecast. Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint.

ESD BASICS: SAFE-D Asst. Executive Director Clay Avery describes the basic information that citizens and stakeholders need to know about emergency services districts. SAFE-D is asking the ESD community for input about what information needs to be added or deleted, to refine the presentation for future audiences. To comment on the webcast, email Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoints.

ROBERTS' RULES OF ORDER: Parliamentarian Kirk Overbey helps you streamline your meetings by explaining Roberts Rules in this Sept. 28 webcast. Click here for a PDF of the presentation.

LEGISLATURE at MID-SESSiON:Legislative Counsel John Carlton runs through the highlights of the 84th Legislature in this March 30, 2015 webcast. Click here for a PDF of the presentation.

SAFE-D and TML/ESDs and CITIES: SAFE-D welcomes two executives from the Texas Municipal League for a discussion on how ESDs and cities can get along. Click here for a PDF of the presentation.

TCEQ AND FIRE FLOW: A former TCEQ official explains fireflow requirements that affect many state utilities. Click here for a PDF of the presentation.

LEGISLATIVE PREVIEW: Attorney John Carlton discusses some of the issues that may affect ESDs in the 84th Legislature. (Aug. 25,, 2014). Click here for a PDF of the presentation.

TRUTH IN TAXATION: Connie Rose of the State Comptroller's Office discusses truth-in-taxation requirements (July 28, 2014). Click here for a PDF of the presentation.

ESDs and INSURANCE: VFIS Executives Barbara Marzean and Danny Kerecman discuss the types of insurance that ESDs may need (June 30, 2014). Click here for a PDF of the presentation.

TEXAS EMERGENCY SERVICES RETIREMENT SYSTEM: TESRS Executive Director Michelle Jordan discusses the agency and proposed changes (June 2, 2014). Click here for a PDF of the presentation.

Click here for the PDF press release following changes adopted for TESRS.

ESD AUDITS, WHAT A COMMISSIONER NEEDS TO KNOW: CPA Anthony Cardiel of BrooksCardiel explains what goes into an audit and what your ESD can get out of it. Click here for his PowerPoint. (April 2014) Click here for a PDF of the presentation.

HOW AN ESD WORKS: Attorney Kelli Carlton (The Carlton Law Firm) explores the basic operating principles of an ESD. Click here for the PowerPoint. (March 2014). Click here for a PDF of the presentation.

ESD COMMISSIONER CERTIFICATION: SAFE-D explains its new initiative to certify commissioners who go above-and-beyond in their training. Click here for the PowerPoint.Click here for the PowerPoint.

ESDs AND RECORDS RETENTION: Angela Ossar of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission discusses the documents that ESDs need to keep. September 2013) Click here for her PowerPoint.

CHANGES AT TEXAS FIRE PROTECTION COMMISSION: Interim TCFP Executive Director Tim Rutland discusses impact of the 83rd Legsiature. (July 2013)

THE 83rd LEGISLATURE: SAFE-D's Legislative Counsel John Carlton discusses new legislation that affects ESDs. (June 2013)

ESD AUDITS: Autumn Phillips of Municipal Accounts & Consulting discusses how to prepare your ESDs audit (April 2013)

NEW ISO SCHEME: Jesse Williams of the State Fire Marshal's Office discusses proposed changes to the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule and how it may affect fire departments statewide. (February 2013)

VFDs A to Z: Attorney Ken Campbell discusses laws covering volunteer fire departments. (January 2013)

Asst. Attorney General Zindia Thomas on Open Meetings Act/Public Information Act: Highlights from July 30, 2012 webcast.

State Comptroller's Transparency Initiative: This Oct. 29, 2012 webcast sparked Travis County ESD No. 3 to be the first ESD recognized by the Comptroller's Office for its transparency.

Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division: In this September 2012 webcast, TWC's Jonathan Babiak explains what his office is looking for when it audits a fire deparment. (PowerPoint PDF)