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Photo by Sheri Hemrick

Photo by Sheri Hemrick

Welcome to the

State Association of Fire and Emergency Districts

SAFE-D is the only organization dedicated to helping the men and women of Texas Emergency Services Districts
provide fire protection and emergency medical services to more than 10 million Texans.

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Report: ESDs do more than municipalities for less taxpayer money

In a September 2022 report, noted economist Dr. Ray Perryman finds that ESDs provide emergency services for dramatically less than municipalities -- at one-third to one-half the costs.

Read the report here!

FAQs About ESDs

Learn more about ESDs - grassroots governments that provide fire protection or emergency medical services at a fraction of the costs of municipal fire departments.

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Want to know about ESDs?

If you have questions about Texas ESDs or would like some general information, let SAFE-D know!

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The SAFE-D Pen is the official newsletter of the State Association of Fire and Emergency Districts and is mailed out to members.

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SAFE-D Video: How to Create an ESD

More areas across Texas are considering creating an emergency services district to provide reliable funding for fire protection or emergency medical services.

SAFE-D has created a short, free video with steps required to create an ESD.

SAFE-D encourages residents who are considering an ESD to consult with an attorney experienced in local government matters to assist in the process.

We welcome your questions at

File State-Required ESD Report

State law (Texas Health and Safety Code Sec. 775.083) requires Emergency Services Districts to file a report with the Texas Division of Emergency Management by January 1 of each year.

Through an agreement with TDEM, you can file your ESD's January 1, 2024 report through SAFE-D.

USE THIS LINK TO FILE YOUR ESD's 2024 REPORT or cut and paste this into your browser:

For last year's reports, use this link to download an Excel file.

SB8 EMS Personnel Scholarships

The Texas Legislature has set aside funds to educate and train EMS personnel. Scholarships are available based on documented need, with special attention given to rural and underserved areas within the state. Courses can be in-person, online, or hybrid.

Go HERE to find out more

VFIS' 2024 Emergency Responder Health & Wellness Grant

VFIS of Texas is sponsoring a need-based Health & Wellness Grant program for volunteer and mostly-volunteer fire departments as well as non-profit EMS organizations in Texas.

Go HERE to find out more

ESD Websites

Senate Bill 2, passed in 2019, requires Texas ESDs to maintain websites and specifies information that must be available to the public. Here's a link to statutory requirements for local government websites, including ESDs.

Here is a link to Texas ESD websites.

To have your ESD's website added to this list, email

NEW: ESD Tax Rate Setting Hub

SAFE-D has created a page with resources for ESDs looking for guidance in setting their Ad Valorem Tax Rate. Go HERE to find a recording of the recent ESD Tax Rate Process webcast, links to Comptroller forms, rate setting timelines, and more.

As always, be sure to check with your own counsel should you have the need for legal advice

SAFE-D 2024 Annual Conference - Registration Now Open

SAFE-D's Annual Conference heads north to the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas (just outside of Dallas.) The event will be Feb. 22-24, 2024 and will be the year's biggest meeting related to ESDs and ESD issues. Just like previous years, the Conference will give you the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will help you better serve your districts. This is the premier educational event for Texas Emergency Services Districts.


SAFE-D will apply to the V.G. Young Institute of County Government, part of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, to serve as the event's Educational Sponsor and certify this training for ESD Commissioner Continuing Education.


SAFE-D unveils 2023 On-Demand Training

SAFE-D has won approval for on-demand courses, available throughout 2023.  These affordable trainings allow ESD commissioners to earn required training hours on their own schedules. Click here to see a list of available courses and links to register.

Video Library

Access recordings of SAFE-D webcasts by clicking to

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