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Photo by Sheri Hemrick






Photo by Sheri Hemrick

Welcome to the

State Association of Fire and Emergency Districts

SAFE-D is the only organization dedicated to helping the men and women of Texas Emergency Services Districts provide fire protection and emergency medical services to more than 8 million Texans.

FAQs About ESDs

Learn more about ESDs - grassroots governments that provide fire protection or emergency medical services at a fraction of the costs of municipal fire departments.

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SAFE-D Newsletter

SAFE-D's 3Q newsletter focuses on the changes coming to local jursidictions as they set their tax rates in 2020.

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Our Next Training

Need ESD Commissioner Training Credit for 2019? Here's a chance to pick up 3 hours credit before the end of the year.

Join us at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 14, for a 3-hour webcast with noted attorney Ken Campbell. He'll discuss "Laws Affecting ESDs," including recent changes in the Tax Code.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Texas A&M's V.G. Young Institute of County Government has certified this training for three hours of ESD Commissioner Training Credit.